There was supposed to be a High Tea!

What could possibly be more fun than seeing some old friends? I’ll tell you. Seeing some old friends while enjoying a nice hot beverage. Thus, a high tea with some of my uni friends seemed like a brilliant idea. Only thing to do was to make reservations. That’s where that plan went out of the… Continue reading There was supposed to be a High Tea!


Group therapy?

So recently my psychologist suggested group therapy to me. Maybe it would be good for me. Help me to see there are many people with their own problems. So here I am, considering group therapy (and with ‘considering’ I mostly mean Googling).


Grey Beach day

I wished I lived in walking distance of the beach. It is one of my places to go whenever I’m feeling a little (or a lot) off or stressed. It is maybe the one place that has a completely calming atmosphere and overall peaceful influence on me. So, even though it was winter-y and cold… Continue reading Grey Beach day


Human Rights Tattoo

I’m not a person who takes big life decisions impulsively but when I got my first tattoo (back in 2013), I had thought about it for exactly a week beforehand. It started with a friend of mine, telling me about this art project where they were aiming to tattoo all the letters of the universal… Continue reading Human Rights Tattoo

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Worrying means you suffer twice

I’m a worrier. I worry about everything all the time. It takes up much of my time, energy and sanity. I can not do something without some automatic extensive worrying beforehand. I never really realised this was an odd thing to do, until a psychologist told me so. Typical. I didn’t listen to my mother… Continue reading Worrying means you suffer twice


The foolish firemen

When I was little, I loved writing stories. One of those stories decorates the cupboard in our hallway ever since I can remember. I thought I’d share that brilliant little story with you today (translated from Dutch). A little disclaimer is needed though: I don’t actually have anything against firemen, I think they’re great. I… Continue reading The foolish firemen