There was supposed to be a High Tea!

What could possibly be more fun than seeing some old friends? I’ll tell you. Seeing some old friends while enjoying a nice hot beverage. Thus, a high tea with some of my uni friends seemed like a brilliant idea. Only thing to do was to make reservations. That’s where that plan went out of the window.

Long story short: reservations were never made and we ended up just having lunch somewhere. Bummer, I thought, since a full high tea would have made for such a great blog post. But why not just blog about the nice day you had, and show the internet people all those pictures you made.

The way there was pretty uneventful, apart from the train tracks that were slightly on fire (like a full flame but ok) while the construction workers were just standing around, casually watching it. I guess that was meant to burn then.

Since I was expecting a full on high tea, I had gotten quite an appetite. Hence a pretty large veggie wrap, accompanied by some chai tea and later a fresh mint tea (my go to drinks, now I think about it). All absolutely delicious.

We had some nice chats about life, politics and people, when we noticed almost 3 hours had already passed. Since this amazing book store close by had just moved to a better location, we decided to take a little peek. Such a good book store. Since I don’t live in a native English country, but prefer English books, shops like these are the best. SO many English books. (I tend to spend more money than I should at these places. woopwoop)

This was all in a city called Leiden, which does actually has some nice and nostalgic parts. I hoped it would be sunny, so naturally it rained the entire day. It did make for a couple of pretty pictures though.

Despite the high tea fiasco (I admit, it wasn’t really a fiasco. It’s just such a fun word) I had a lovely day. Thank you for reading!


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