Valentine’s Day. Incredibly cheesy cards with flowers and landscapes that say nothing more than I love you, my sweetheart, be mine etc. Teddy bears with hearts, more things with hearts, stuff in pink and even more goods in red. The stores have been fully stocked and ready for weeks now with all those exceedingly typical Valentine’s Day items. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t hate Valentine’s Day. I just don’t see why a day that celebrates love, can’t celebrate some self-love or friendship or any other kind of love.


Use this day as a pamper day for yourself. Put on your favourite pyjamas and put on a film of your choice. Maybe this is a great way to watch that film you’ve had on your ‘to-watch list’ for ages now. You could always browse the romance category on Netflix for some inspiration.

Get yourself a nice book. It could be a book that has been on your shelves for way too long for no good reason whatsoever. You could reread your favourite book of all time. Or just Harry Potter. Which is the same thing for me so…

Pamper could obviously also mean home spa! Get out some facemasks, make yourself a nice bath (if you don’t have a bath, like me, I guess a shower will do), paint your nails etc etc. If you burst with money, you could just pay for a spa. Much easier.


Invite your friend(s) for a day of fun. Bake a cake and cook an extravagant dinner. Play some neglected board games, go shopping or go see a film (Fifty shades darker is supposedly going to be a popular valentine’s pick. Why? I couldn’t tell you.). Finish the day with a drink and, if you’re not an extremely busy person, a good old sleepover. Why the hell not!


Although most cards are to send to someone you’re in a relationship with, there are also some cards for friends. Some stores have some great sarcastic, humorous cards (like some of these on etsy.). I usually send a card to friends who live abroad.

If you’re in a creative mood, DIY cards are the way to go. Make them as bulky as needed since you could just give your closest (in living distance) friends them in person, or pop them through their letterbox.

And why stop there. Give your parents, your brother or sister a nice dumb valentine’s card too. They’ll never expect it, which only makes it better. And if you don’t want to stop there, send yourself one. Might sound sad, might be sad, but can be great fun.


If none of these things appeal to you, ignoring the whole happening altogether is also a viable option. What’s so different about this day anyway? It’s just another day in the life where a lot of people just happen to walk around with roses and other red and pink bits. Yeah.

Happy Valentine’s day


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