Grey Beach day

I wished I lived in walking distance of the beach. It is one of my places to go whenever I’m feeling a little (or a lot) off or stressed. It is maybe the one place that has a completely calming atmosphere and overall peaceful influence on me. So, even though it was winter-y and cold and grey outside, I went to the beach. And it was great.

The beach is like a safe place. The only people there on days like these are dog people, some random group of people who don’t seem to be quite sure what they’re doing themselves or the occasional all year round beach lover (whispers *like me*). No crowd of judgemental (half)naked people yelling at each other. Just the sound of the waves and the scent of the beach.

I think it’s a combination of the soft sand, the beauty of all those seashells and the magnitude of the sea that makes it such a nice place to be. If I could, I’d go everyday. This would be horrible for my wallet and diet, since I have the habit of getting a nice hot chocolate with whipped cream every time I go to the beach. It would however, be great for my mentality. But eh, I’m glad I’m able to go to the beach now and then. Drinking hot cocoa with messy hair and sandy feet (not in the cocoa, let me be clear about that) is a nice and swell thing to do. Definitely recommend it!photo_2017-02-08_19-58-20


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