Sounds like honey

Flowing like honey. Sweet, smooth and musical; pleasant to hear. This is the description of the word mellifluous. Originating from Latin, this word isn’t used much in daily conversation. Not in mine at least. I wish words like these would be used more. What other words are there that let you describe the sounds you love as “Flowing like honey“. Not many, I’ll tell you that much. So why not start by describing some mellifluous sounds.

What are the sounds then that – in my humble opinion – sound like honey? What floats my boat? Assuming that the word can be used comprehensively, they are the following:


Mellifluous is the sound of the falling rain, hitting windows and rooftops. Falling down on the tents of inexperienced campers. Rain pouring down on the pavement, on the grass, on the houses in the street.

Mellifluous are the waves of the sea, flowing up and down the sand. Calming even the most agitated soul by merely moving. Waves that slowly creep up to the beach and then crash down on the sand.

Mellifluous is music, when listening to your favourite artist through some really good headphones. When you hear a good song for the very first time. When a song takes you back in time.

Mellifluous is the sound of pages of a book turning. The fluttering of pages filled with imagination. An old book, full of memories and scribbles. A new book, memories yet to come.

Mellifluous is the sound of home. The sound of birds and cars and chatter. The sound of people coming home. Every sound that makes you homesick, when you are somewhere else.


Language can be a beautiful thing. There are so many exquisite words left barely used. Hopefully someday some of them will be revived to their former glory.


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