The foolish firemen

When I was little, I loved writing stories. One of those stories decorates the cupboard in our hallway ever since I can remember. I thought I’d share that brilliant little story with you today (translated from Dutch). A little disclaimer is needed though: I don’t actually have anything against firemen, I think they’re great. I feel like little me just felt like this depiction of the fire department would be absolutely comical.

Once upon a time there were some foolish firemen

One day someone called to tell them there was a fire

They got ready and quickly went there

When they arrived it seemed they had forgotten the hosepipe

They quickly went back

They wanted to save the mother

And then it seemed they had forgotten the ladder

They quickly went back again

They saved the mother and wanted to extinguish the house

Then it seemed they had even forgotten the water

They fetched the water

And when they came back …………………………

The entire house was burnt down

And they lived a foolishly ever after

Horrible or brilliant? Horribly brilliant? Brilliantly horrible? Regardless, it makes me laugh to think about little me writing this. Does this say a lot about me? Maybe. Maybe it’s nothing more than a nice personal memorabile (even if it is in Comic Sans, lol). Have you kept any stories you might have written when you were still in awe of the world? I’d love to read them.


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