My little book of happy things

When I was in high school, one of my friends always had this little notebook with her. She wrote in it all the time. I was intrigued by it and asked her what she used it for. She told me it was her little happiness notebook. She filled it with all her favourite quotes, lyrics and moments. Whenever she felt bad, she would look in her notebook and be reminded of all the nice things she had done and seen.

I thought it was a wonderful idea. I bought a simple blank black notebook and started to fill it with pictures of concerts, cinema tickets and much more. I do love my little notebook. It’s quite a personal little thing but I decided to share some of it with you. Maybe this will even inspire you to start your own happy notebook.


One of my most important rules for this is: it doesn’t have to be all neat and perfect. If it’s all a little crooked and weird, it might even look better. As you can see, mine has already gained a lot of weight. I glue all sorts of things in it. Napkins from my favourite restaurants and coffee places, tickets for the cinema and concerts and even the fine I got in Berlin for forgetting to buy a ticket (*sighs*).

I love printing out pictures of concerts I’ve been to and putting them in the book, together with the ones I made myself. I usually add some lyrics to the page. I always like how that looks. Since every artist is different, every concert is different, which makes every concert page in my notebook different. Concerts make for some of my favourite pages.

Most of the pages are filled with tickets or restaurant and café napkins (clean ones lol) and reminders. This is probably due to the fact that it’s the easiest thing to put in there: you just have to stick some glue on it and you’re done. That doesn’t mean it isn’t a great way to remember all those things you’ve done though. If I don’t save my cinema tickets, I’m bound to forget how many films I’ve actually seen on the big screen.

Yes. That is indeed a fine for using the public transport in Berlin without a ticket (but that’s a story for another time). Why is this in my happiness notebook? Well, I am an overly cautious person and I’m always scared of something like this happening. When it actually did happen, it wasn’t so bad and I survived. This is a reminder of that I can handle something like that.

Another thing  I like to write down in there are quotes. Not just every random quote I stumble upon, but those quote that actually make me go: “Wow, that makes so much sense”. The quotes I wrote down in my notebook are the ones that made me think. The ones I think about frequently. The ones that genuinely help me.


There are some personal photographs in there too, as well as some printed out lyrics of my favourite songs. I have 8 pages dedicated to all the harry potter films, filled with screenshots and some of the best lines. I’m planning to add some for the fantastic beasts ones.

A notebook like this is different for everyone. You fill it with the things that make you happy, not anyone else. That’s what makes it so cool and beautiful and (obviously) unique. I hope I’ll continue to keep a notebook like this until the day I die. Imagine looking through all your memories in 50 years. I hear people regretting not keeping a diary (which this kind of is), but I never hear someone regretting keeping one.


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