Hello 2017

Hi everyone! Happy 2017! It’s that time again. The first day of the year when so many people say to themselves that this is the year they’re going to change. They’ll exercise more, they’ll eat healthier, work harder (or less) at school or work etc. I used to say these things to myself to. I am not one of them.


Why? I have noticed that I keep my resolutions much better if I label them as life motto’s (however cliché that might sound) or plainly just things to live by. I do a lot better if I don’t set a definite period of time for me to achieve them, but just let life take its course, while I remind myself of the things I want to do and be.

A new year does feel like a new chapter to me, but I don’t think I should change my lifestyle accordingly. If you want to start doing something in March, better start doing it then and not wait for the New Year to make it a resolution that is almost bound to fail (pessimistic as it sounds, I don’t hear of a lot of New Year’s resolutions that have worked out). Therefore, I only have a list of things I want to do and be whenever I can, even if I do sometimes wish I could join the few people who succeed in their list of New Year’s resolutions. It seems like a nice club.

A happy 2017 to you all anyway and I hope life goes well for you!


Do you have any New Year’s resolutions?


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