First time: going to the ballet

I’ve always been an admirer of Tchaikovsky ballets. Perhaps it’s due to my obsession with the barbie adaptations when I was young, or it’s merely because they’re just brilliant. However, I never actually went to see one of the performances. When I heard there was going to be a rendition of the Swan Lake in a town nearby, I decided that it was time for me to go.

I knew the basic storyline of the ballet but nevertheless, I read the wikipedia page the day before the ballet. Thankfully I did, for it made the whole ballet a lot more enjoyable. I didn’t dress up too fancy, as I didn’t expect many others to do so. I went with my dad who hadn’t ever seen a ballet either, even though he is quite the Tchaikovsky fan. We arrived quite early, which gave us enough time to read the program booklet. The ballet we saw was by the Charkov/Kharkiv ballet from Ukrain.

Fun fact: Swan Lake in Dutch is Zwanenmeer

The Orchestra was mostly covered by panels, placed in front of the stage. I enjoyed the ballet itself. The décor was simple yet beautiful and the dancers were quite good (bear in mind that I’m not a ballet expert). I didn’t get bored at any point, which was something I dreaded beforehand. What surprised me the most of all was the court jester. Despite the reading I did on the ballet, I did not know that a court jester was part of the ballet. Quite a big part too. He did a great job though, and made quite some people laugh with his energetic expressions. The woman who danced the part of Odile did some nice moves too. I did feel like Siegfried barely had to do any dancing at all. He was mostly just standing in corners and gesturing with his hand.

Overall, I really did like it. I loved how there were so many little girls who were awed by the costumes. I loved how it was never boring: there was always something to look at. I love how there were people who spoke a different language, but were still able to understand as much as I could, because language isn’t a boundary in ballet.

Hopefully I’ll be able to go to the Nutcracker one day too.

Have you ever been to the ballet? How was it? Which ballet would you love to see the most?


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