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My favourite Christmas films

Happy Christmas everyone!! I hope you’re having a nice day. I’ve had to go to the emergency dentist for a small emergency (they have like 10 Christmas trees!!) but overall it’s been a nice day. However, it’s not a Christmas day without a good old Christmas film. I have not seen every Christmas themed film in existence (and I bow to those of you who have) but from the ones I’ve seen, these are a few of my favourites.

Elf (2003)

Let’s kick the list off with a film that is on a lot of favourites lists. And for good reason! Will Ferrel does an amazing job as an elf who finds out he’s an adopted human. Who wouldn’t like to see New York through the eyes of a cheerful man raised by elves?! This is one of those films that gets you right into the Christmas spirit. Well worth watching!


It’s a wonderful life (1946)

This black-and-white olden golden is set in the small town of Bedford Falls. George Bailey has spent his entire life there, making sure the town wouldn’t be taken over by the rich and pompous Mr. Potter. When a sudden disaster strikes his late father’s company, George is determined that the world is better off without him. This is where Clarence comes in. Clarence is an angel, George’s guardian angel to be more precise. Clarence hasn’t yet earned his wings. However, if he can help George see the light again, he will be rewarded with wings.

This film just has the nicest message. I did cry a little at the end when I first saw this. If you aren’t afraid of black-and-white films, this is a definite recommendation.


Nativity 2: danger in the manger (2012)

I see Nativity on a lot of Christmas faves lists, but I hardly ever see Nativity 2 mentioned. A shame really, for it is a great sequel. It features David Tennant as Donald Peterson, the new teacher on St. Bernadettes where he too meets the very enthusiastic Mr. Poppy. The class wants to compete in the National ‘Song for Christmas’ Competition and manages to persuade Mr. Peterson to let the class join. The competition brings a whole new bunch of problems to the mix, like Mr. Peterson’s estranged, more successful twin brother. But first, they need to find a way to get there.

This is a lovely Christmas film, maid in aid of Children in need. I first saw this when I got into Doctor Who and wanted to explore the actors’ other works. If you’ve seen Nativity, definitely give this one a go too! If you haven’t seen nativity, why not watch them both, hehe.


The Holiday (2006)

A romcom, that isn’t really officially a Christmas film, but it could be. It’s about two women, who both desire to get away from their lives for a while. They find each other on a house swapping site. And so the Los Angeles workaholic Amanda ends up in rural England, while  editor Iris suddenly finds herself in a grand L.A. house. They each meet some people (with people I mean: a guy) and find themselves having a different Christmas then they would have expected.

This is one of those romantic comedies that has been criticised for being ‘too predictable’ but who cares. Sometimes a girl needs her predictable romcom to accompany her through the holidays.


Arthur Christmas (2011)

This animated Christmas film is about one of Santa’s sons: Arthur. When Arthur finds out one child is missed by the high tech Christmas delivery system of his brother, he is determined to make his father proud and set it right. Together with his grandfather, 8 reindeer and a very enthusiastic and determined wrapping Christmas elf, he sets out to deliver this last present.

I love that this story takes a whole new take on Santa’s workshop. One of Santa’s sons has modernised the entire system and it explains how Santa is able to deliver all his presents in one night. This is one of those films where the Christmas spirit conquers all. A very nice Christmas watch.


And if none of these spark your interest, there’s always Harry Potter. There is no better time to watch that series than Christmas time. Merry Christmas everyone!!


What is your favourite Christmas film?


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