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DIY: Christmas gift sack

I’m a big lover of everything Christmas. December is my favourite time of the year. My friend and I decided to make it even more fun by doing a yearly gift exchange. And what is a gift exchange without some nice gift sacks?! Since I couldn’t find any in the store where I live, I decided to make some myself and I thought I’d share this with you. So if you still need a gift sack and you understand the basics of a sewing machine, look no further.

What you’ll need for 1 sack:

  • 3 pieces of (preferably jute) fabric, 50x50cm (20×20 inch)
  • matching sewing thread
  • sewing machine
  • scissors
  • sewing pins

And additionally, if you want to sew on a name:

  • an extra piece of fabric
  • more sewing thread
  • a needle
  • some textile marker or chalk
  • pen and paper


I bought 8 pre-packed pieces of 50×50 cm fabric, so that made the whole thing a lot easier for me. If you haven’t got that luxury, make sure that your 3 pieces have the same dimensions, this will make the whole process a lot easier and neater.

Once you have 3 pieces of 50x50cm, figure out which one you want at the bottom, and use the sewing pins to pin the ends of the bottom one and one of the other ones together. Make sure you do this with both of the fabrics wrong side on the outside (as seen on the picture above). Sew them together with the sewing machine. Do it twice with different stitches, if you want to be sure that the sack will be able take some weight.

Now do the same with the bottom fabric and the one that’s left over. After this the bottom piece should at both sides be attached to a piece of fabric.


Next thing you need to do is fold the whole thing together so you can sew the sides together (resulting in the above). For a neat looking result, you need to keep sewing with your fabric inside out. Use the same stitches and thread as you did before. After you’ve done both sides you should end up with a sack that looks quite like a sack. Only the edges of the opening need a nice finish


I found the easiest way to make the edges of the opening look nice was to do it freehand. Making sure the sack is still inside out, fold over a small part of the edge (not much more than finger-thick) and slowly sew around the entire edge, while folding over every inch the sewing machine touches. You should end up with something like in the picture above.

At this point I realised the folds in the fabric could be easily ironed out, which maybe you can do at the start of the entire project. Probably wiser. Ah well. There you go. You made a Christmas gift sack. You can end here or customize it a little by putting initials on it.

Before you start cutting into your fabric, make sure you know what style you want your letters to be. The best way to do it is to draw the letters, and cut out the ones you want to use. Take the textile marker/chalk to line the letter (on the back of the fabric so make sure you line it the mirrored way). After you’ve cut out your fabric letters, you can use the sewing machine to create some neat or rough edges (as you may notice, I went for rough), or you can start sewing them on. Don’t worry too much about the robustness: unlike the bag, these letters won’t need to carry any presents. They just need to be there.


And there you go! Some nice Christmas gift sacks that can last you for a while. Let me know if you decide to make this, I would love to see what you make of it!


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