First time: going to the cinema alone

Popcorn, whispered conversations, red chairs, the sneaky quick light from a phone.. these are some of the things that I associate with going to the cinema. While seeing a film might be more fun without the loud munching of the person behind you, it is hard to imagine going to the cinema and sit on a chair that is anything but red. Imagine an auditorium with white or green chairs (doesn’t really tickle my fancy). The same goes for the entire experience. People go to see a film on a date, with friends and family. Not a lot of people think of going to the cinema as a solo kind of activity. I didn’t either.

However, there was this film playing recently, a film that I really wanted (needed!) to see. Since it’s a Bollywood film (I’m quite the Bollywood fanatic), there weren’t really any people I know that wanted to see it too. Besides, I didn’t really care for taking someone with me who wouldn’t enjoy the film as much. So I decided that for the first time in my life, I was going to go see a film alone.

A scary thought, for me at least. What if people would look at me, and think that I was being stood up? What if I ended up feeling really miserable? I did some internet research and discovered I wasn’t the only one with these thoughts. In fact, everyone seemed to have them. Some people decided to go through with it anyway and told all about their amazing experiences. Some people were still getting up the courage. I didn’t feel so alone anymore and reserved a ticket online so that I had to go. And so I did.

The day hath comethmovie-918655_1920

My printed ticked, worn out backpack and I got ourselves on the bus to the cinema. It was a Saturday afternoon, so naturally the place was packed. This actually made it a lot easier to stand in the queue. It felt like I could get completely lost in the crowd. I forgot to bring much food which meant I had to buy some in the very empty food area. I got my banana crisps (how very white girl of me) and made my way to one of the smaller auditoriums. After having survived a slightly awkward encounter with the cleaning lady, I made my way to my seat and settled down. I had made it.

Occasionally, throughout the film I did feel a little uncomfortable. Were people judging me for sitting alone? I was able to shake it off quite well and I did enjoy the film very much. My clumsiness did decide to play up halfway through when I managed to knock the tray of banana crisps on the floor with a loud bang. However, to my disbelief, at that exact moment the main character knocked a little soldier statue over with an even louder bang and I was saved any embarrassment for no one had noticed me just then. When the film ended, I was the last one to walk out of there, head held high.

It’s going to take some getting used to before I will be completely comfortable with going solo. Be that as it may, I am in fact very proud of myself for doing this. Even though I know this won’t seem like a such a big deal for some people, for me it really was. I conquered a fear. I know now that I can do this. And if I can do this, so can you!


Do you ever go to see a film by yourself?


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