What my 9 year old self wanted

I was walking around in a shop today, when I suddenly saw one of those fibre optic lamps. It took me right back to when I was 8 or 9 and wanted nothing more than one of those to stare at in my own little room. But it didn’t end there. Oh no. Let me share some more things with you that ‘little me’ felt were necessary to survive in this cold, hard world.

The fibre optic lamp in question

The Lava Lamp

If you had a lava lamp, you were the coolest kid on the block. Naturally, the coolest kid on the block wasn’t me and I was left envying every kid that did have one. How could I not? Those things were basically magic in lamp-form and it was hard to stop looking at them.

A Fatboy

Was there anything better to sit on than a Fatboy bean bag? I don’t think so! Even though it ensured stiffness and backaches if used for a long period of time, it was worth it! My mother absolutely loathed my bright pink Fatboy, which was situated in a corner of my room. Ironic, because years later, when I started hating the pink monstrosity, she wanted to try it and placed it on the balcony. It was never used again.

A little disco ball

My disco lamp. Very cool.

It wasn’t a party without a small little turning disco ball that made you feel like you were in a club (even though now I realise that a club is quite different to a children’s room filled with 10 year olds with a disco ball and some pop music). It made for some good fun nevertheless. I actually still have mine, stuffed away in a closet with some broken lights, but it still works. A survivor, that one.


Since we didn’t really have a pet, a tamagotchi was the next best thing. They were everywhere! However, I didn’t want a little digital creature that could die on me if I didn’t feed it. I was, of course, far to busy for such a thing. Instead of the real ones, I got the ones that made sure your virtual pet didn’t die if you forgot it for a day or a week (much like nintendogs).

Bike decorations

I grew up in the biking capital of the world: Amsterdam. I can’t

Spoke beads

remember not having a bike and using it to go everywhere. But by far the best part about having a bike, were the possibilities to decorate it. You could get a pink Disney princesses bell or one with a superhero on it. The handlebars were best complimented by flashy pink streamers. However, the very best product were (and are still) the colourful spoke beads that make this great clicking noise whenever you turn your wheels. I still got some that I’m debating putting on my current bike.

There are no doubt, far more nice things that every 9 year old wants to have have but these were, in my eyes the very best of the best. What did you want the very most when you were 9 years old?


*for those of you who don’t know what the featured gif is, it’s a lavalamp. Yup.


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