The beginning

There is an abundance of blogs on the internet. Everyone knows it. It is impossible to read all of them, let alone regularly check them. The few bloggers that have made it for themselves in this ever-expanding  world are the exceptions to the rule.

Thus, beginning a blog can be a seemingly impossible task, which is probably why I have postponed writing my first post for so long now. But I’m here now, I’m writing. Just like so many others, I want to share certain things about me and my life with the internet. And here’s why:

I have had a very strange year, where I dropped out of uni, had a burn-out (among other problems). Consequently, my life changed, and I needed to change with it. I hope to document a part of this by writing it down on a blog. This will hopefully also encourage me to try new things, as I’d like to share my experience in doing things I’ve never done before because I was either too scared, or had some sort of prejudices. I find that I do more of those things when I need to write them down, hence my need to start a blog.

I hope this blog is the beginning of a nice chapter. Maybe one of the articles will be able help someone, perhaps even you! I welcome any form of constructive criticism (especially when it concerns grammar or writing, since I’m not a native English speaker). All other questions and comments are welcome too (unless it’s just pure hate, then no thank you).

Untill next time.



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